Are You A US Passport Holder? Did You Know These Facts?

Each country in this world has its own visa requirements for those who plan to visit. This largely depends on the country that might have originally issued the visitor’s passport. If you are a US passport holder, you would be glad to know that you can visit more than a dozen countries without needing a visa application or an approval. There is a particular group of countries that do not require a visa until you intend to stay for longer and there is a third group of countries that might not ask you to arrange for a visa in advance but might provide you with one when you arrive at the airport. Vietnam is one such country that requires a US passport holder to apply for a visa in advance or provides one on arrival, depending upon the mode of transport. Vietnam visa for US is still under speculation as it is being expected that the Vietnam government might extend the visa waiver to the United States pretty soon.

Which countries have no visa requirements?

The countries that lie in the Western Hemisphere form the largest group that do not require US passport holders to have a visa while visiting. If you plan to cross the border of these countries, you will simply be required to show your passport. The areas that fall under this category are the Bahamas, Dominica, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda. These are popular holiday destinations that are largely accessible to US passport holders because of the sheer convenience of zero visa hassles.

However, since visa requirements tend to change with time and new government regulations, it is always a wise idea to check the respective requirements before making travel plans. This saves a good deal of time, money and energy spent in the wrong direction doing the wrong things.